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At OccuMED1 we are a seasoned team of experts with experience across a range of medical specialties. Our understanding of both the medical and construction industries allow us to provide reliable workplace health services for any type of simple or complicated medical situation that may arise. This, combined with our deep appreciation for those who build our world, makes OccuMED1 a crucial asset for any company seeking to protect their business and their employees.

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Lower your Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

OccuMED1 specializes in lowering your organization’s EMR through effective safety measures, expert guidance, and thoroughly managing all work incidents. Our comprehensive management of work injuries greatly decreases unnecessary clinic and ER visits by up to 80% — ultimately lowering your EMR and enhancing opportunities for success.

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Reduce workers compensation claims

Our team provides thorough risk assessments and comprehensive occupational health services to help organizations nationwide create a safer work environment, minimize injuries and accidents, and effectively manage worker’s compensation claims — resulting in improved outcomes and cost savings.


Get 24/7 nation-wide access to a team of licensed medical professionals

OccuMED1 provides peace of mind through round-the-clock access to our team of licensed medical professionals. With our OccuMED-Line call center, businesses can gain expert healthcare advice, receive timely guidance, and ensure the well-being of their workforce, knowing that our dedicated team of MDs and PAs are always just a call away.


Gain an advocate for both your company and your people

When you choose to partner with OccuMED1, you gain a dedicated advocate for both your company and your people. We’re committed to understanding your unique needs and providing personalized support to ensure that the health, safety, and well-being of your organization and employees are at the forefront of everything we do.

Your Medical Services Journey

Each step you take in your journey with OccuMED1 is a step towards risk management and sustainability. With accessibility and honesty, we’ll work with you to create a customized plan for creating the best possible solutions for your employees and your business.

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Receive a Consultation

Receive an in-depth consultation into what your organization’s pain points are and how OccuMED1 can tailor a plan to address them.


Pick Your Tailored Plan

Choose from our comprehensive services, including medical directorship, case management, tele-triage, and more.


Protect Your Business

With OccuMED1 in your toolkit, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the complexities of the medical system.

Offered Solutions

Investing in an occupational medical service comes with a lot of red tape that can seem overwhelming to sift through, all while balancing the needs of your organization and valued employees to boot. That’s why we’ve centered choice and tailored solutions so we can perfectly match your needs.

Post Offer Medical Screening Questionnaire

Our comprehensive questionnaire is designed to assess the suitability of potential employees for specific job roles, helping you make informed hiring decisions and reduce the risk of workplace injuries or health-related issues.

Post Offer Medical Screening Examination

Our examination is designed to evaluate the physical capabilities of prospective employees, ensuring they meet the job requirements and minimizing the risk of workplace injuries. With our comprehensive screening process, you can make confident and informed hiring decisions.

OccuMED-Line Tele-Triage

Experience accessible and reliable healthcare advice anytime, anywhere nationwide with our OccuMED-Line Tele-Triage. Our OccuMED1 licensed medical providers (MDs and PAs) are just a phone call away, ready to provide personalized guidance and support for your medical concerns for informed decision-making in the post-offer, post-over-exam, tele-triage, fit-for-work, case management, and medical directorship.

*This is not a nurse line.

Fit for Work Tele-Triage

Invest in a productive workforce with OccuMED1’s Fit for Work Tele-Triage. Our advanced medical tele-triage service connects employees with OccuMED1 licensed medical providers, ensuring that your employees are Fit for Work for all of their non-work related physical, emotional and chemical needs that arise at the workplace.

Case Management Services

Our experts can take a deep dive into injury case records, witness reports and medical documentation to identify if a case is truly work related or if it is pre-existing. We work directly with the WC case managers, supervisors, safety, and legal teams to accurately determine the work relatedness of any injury. We advocate for the truth to be known through our case investigations.

Medical Directorship

Our Medical Directorship Program is one of OccuMED1’s most popular services. We integrate all of our services within the DNA of your company to better serve you and your employees as your companies Medical Director.   This has proven to be the most “bang for the buck” with 98% of our companies choosing OccuMED1 for their Medical Director.

Our Squad of Experts

Our team at OccuMED1 is formed by seasoned medical professionals with decades of combined experience serving the critical industries throughout the United States. Together, we’re committed to bridging the gap between construction and medicine to protect those who build our world.

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What Our Customers Say

The OccuMED1 team has been vital in assessing work-related injuries quickly, vetting out injuries versus first aid cases, expediting necessary diagnostic testing, and following up with employees to assist with explanations and confirm their return to baseline work status. We have had success with reducing our OSHA days away from work and restricted days stats due to the fact that unnecessary visits for first-aid cases have diminished.
Melissa Stiles Insurance Manager
It has taken a load off my company to know that OccuMED1 is there for our people. It was an easy decision for us. They quickly gather the proper information and follow the correct procedures to ensure the best results for our injured or ill employees in order to gain quality and expedited recovery.
Donnie Pate Safety Manager
In a word, lifesaving! OccuMED1 kept us from hiring a very sick individual, but more importantly, prevented that person from having a stroke or worse. Their services prevent our company from making employee health decisions for which we are ill-qualified. OccuMED1 takes care of our employees.
John Tolar General Manager
OccuMED1 is a valuable resource that our team couldn’t do without. They help our companies avoid unnecessary recordable injuries, ensuring employees return to work quicker and healthier.
JW Culbreth Safety Director
OccuMED1 has an exceptional quality of service, with a faster and more detailed report turnaround than we could previously do ourselves.
Thomas Bayer Vice President
It seemed too good to be true, so we decided to try it and have really enjoyed the system. One call to OccuMED1, it’s that easy. Our stress has been lifted and our supervisors love this system.
Penny Ragland HR Director
It gives me peace of mind to know that I have a team of great people at OccuMED1 who are working for me when I need them most.
Brandon Murphy Owner
Working with them has changed how our people report incidents and the entire culture.
Michael Morningstar Vice President Safety and Training
Genuine patient care, client service, and occupational injury specialist that aid in expediting workers back to work as quick as possible.
Justin Hobbs CEO

Our Diverse Clientele

OccuMED1 proudly serves a diverse range of industries, ensuring health and safety across the board. With our extensive expertise and tailored solutions, we are able to provide industry specific healthcare solutions and support, ensuring the well-being of workers in each industry.

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excavating stone & rock

Stone and Rock

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Elevator Services

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Water Works

building infrastructure


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Tree Removal

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